A day in the life of a triathlete – Winter edition!

I thought it would of be interest to document my “typical” Sunday of training. Well, today was anything but typical as we were living through yet another ice storm.

Florida anyone?

Florida anyone?

7:00am – Woke up and got ready for the day. This included two eggs scrambled and a cup of Jasmine Green Tea. The green tea is much better for you then coffee so I have switched! I looked out the window and it was nasty out there.

8:30 – Brittany and I load into the van. Then we unload and scrape windows for awhile. Getting out of the driveway is never really the issue as we are on a hill so momentum takes me to the bottom. That went fine but the plow had not been by yet and we got stuck in the road. We had to shovel and snowblow just to get the van back in the driveway. This required help from other members of the family, much appreciated.

9:30 – Still looking out the window waiting for the plow so we can go to the Y the work out.

10:00am – The plow passes. We once again load up into the van for the trip from Maitland to the Brockville Y. The roads are slippery but we make it there. To my delight the parking lot is plowed. We are the only car in the parking lot, why would that be? Brittany tries the door and it is locked. Apparently they are closed for the day due to the storm.

10:10am – Panic sets in. We can’t miss a scheduled workout, not happening. We discuss our options in the van at the Y. We could drive to Kingston and use the ARC at Queens University. Oh wait, I have access to the fitness center at work. It is closer so that makes it the obvious choice.

10:20am – We drop presents off at my parents and pick up the loot that they have for us. I sit in the van in the middle of the road as that is the only part that is plowed. I would get stuck if I was anywhere but the middle. We drive to the Superstore to get more tape for present wrapping for Jackie, she is running out.

10:40am – We make it home and unload the presents and pick up my pass for the gatehouse at work.

10:55am – Arriving at work, the entire parking lot has not been plowed. I try to make it with a running start but get stuck in the middle of the lot. Rocking back and forth about 100 times I make it to a spot that has me out of the way in the event that it will ever be plowed. I fear that we may be spending the night at work as no plow is in sight as we enter the building.

11:00am – We arrive at the fitness center, finally. Today’s workout was a 50 minute run, followed by a 60 minute bike, followed by a 30 minute run. My typical stretching and planks to top it all off. Brittany showed me her cross fit stuff. She is getting bigger muscles. This is good as I may stand a chance of catching her in next years Ironman, lol.

1:30pm – We exit the plant and they have plowed a small path to the main road. Unfortunately we have to cross a portion of the parking lot to get to the cleared area first. We take a run at it but no luck. We are stuck. We consider moving to Florida for the 17th time since morning broke. After more rocking back and forth we break on through to the other side, yes the Doors reference was intentional.

2:00pm – We get home, eat a healthy choice meal, update all of my training logs, and shower. We have done it, we conquered the storm and didn’t miss a workout.

3:00pm – Brittany says she is bored and has nothing to do…….


This past week I travelled 205 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line……

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