Holiday Week!


We had an awesome holiday week in the McEachern house. There is almost too much to tell you all about. So in summary we had multiple dinners (yes I ate like a pig) and spent lots of time with family. We also had a few trips to Ottawa to do some post Christmas shopping, still no new bike for me yet.

It was an icy week so training outdoors was difficult. I did manage few runs without breaking my neck, or any other body parts. Of course all of the bike riding and swimming was indoors. Although I did look out at the river once and think “I wonder how cold it would be to swim in there today?”. I guess my better judgement took over at that point and I just kept driving. I trained for 125 kms this week, bit it was not enough to offset the food consumed 😦

Today I had a 10k race. I was pleased with my result and had a personal best as well!

Well, almost time to go back to work and back to reality.

See you at the finish line…..


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