Change can be scary


There is so much change on the horizon for Jackie and I. Recently Jackie started a new job, never an easy thing. We are selling our current house and buying a new one. It feels like we have been cleaning forever, although it has only been a couple of days. If anyone is looking for a good home for a family with a wonderful backyard experience pool and all, don’t hesitate to give me a call and make an offer well over the asking price, we won’t mind, honest. 🙂

As well the University acceptances have been coming in for Brandon. We still don’t know which one he will pick but we have a pretty good idea of which was he is leaning. Both of his top picks are well over 4 hours away by car so we won’t be seeing much of him once he begins. More change, we will be empty nesters! What will we do with our time?? Oh wait, I will train more 🙂


So this past week went as planned on the training front. My long bike ride this week was over three hours in duration and certainly tested my pain tolerance on my ass. TMI? Overall I travelled 208 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line…..


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