Busy week with lots of training

Another disappointed cat!

Another disappointed cat!

Well I seem to be repeating myself a lot lately, but the weeks have been running together quickly. We had a couple of house showings this week. The first one was a tour of all of the local real estate agents. They walked through to get a feel for which of their clients might potentially have an interest. It is good to have them all go through, it is a good marketing source. On Saturday we had our first open house. There were a couple of prospective buyers but no offer was forthcoming, yet. We are lucky in that we have lots of time to sell, but it would still be nice to get this part of the move behind us. Keeping your house clean everyday is no small task, although maybe it will create good habits for the new house? The cats were not particularly impressed with the open house. We loaded them into cat carriers and took them for a drive while the potential buyers were in the house. They are not bothersome, but we didn’t want them in anyone’s face. 

We met with the builder this week and picked out many of the options for the new house. We went with a grey stone, it looks nice. We also picked out window styles, siding, garage doors, front doors, front porch railings, it is never ending. I think I will buy a resale house next time through, a lot easier!

My training went very well this week. I had to get creative as I was in Kingston picking out housing options for a day. I went to the Queens University pool and did my long swim of the week with the younger kids, lol. Most were faster than me but none of them swam as far, it was a 3200 meter swim session for me! My weekend workouts continue to get into the “long” territory. On Saturday I biked for 90 kms and ran for 10 kms. Sunday was a 10 kms run, followed by a 30 kms bike, followed by a 5 kms run. Yeah, I will sleep well tonight. Overall I travelled 248 kms during my training this week.

See you at the finish line…..

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