Tough week, training while sick

It was a tough week of training this week. Last week I had a good solid week and felt good heading into a race this weekend but then I woke up on Monday morning feeling like crap. It started as a head cold and got worse from there. My training plans for the week was light as I was tapering for race today, and it was a good thing with how I was feeling. I did complete all of the required training, but not at a high intensity, I just took it easy really. I trained for 136 kms during my week of sickness.


My planned race was up in Ottawa and thankfully it was indoors. Ottawa has the only 400 meter indoor track in Canada, imagine that. I had been there before to check it out but I picked a day when it was closed, poor planning. Jackie and I headed up there earlier today and we were both impressed by the facilities. There was a good spectator area with seating so Jackie was able to settle in and read a bit while I did my run. The first half of the race (it was a 10k race) felt ok, but it was tough to get a good breathing pattern going. My lungs were just not clear enough to feel 100%. track3I had hoped for a personal best today but I knew it was out of reach as soon as I started today. I picked up the pace for the second half of the race and finished in 54 minutes and change.

My Dad is sitting here right now as I write this and has always wanted to be mentioned in my world famous blog, so here it goes. He has been an awesome father throughout the years, even when Mom forced him to spank my brother and I. Of course we pretended it hurt and cried, and then laughed when he left the room, he was a softy! All joking aside he has always been there for me whenever I needed him, no questions asked. What more can a son ask for! Love you Dad!

See you at the finish line……


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