I have had enough of winter

The wonders of winter!

The wonders of winter!

I have never been a big fan of the winter months. Yeah, it is pretty for the first snowfall but then for some reason it doesn’t stop. Doesn’t mother nature realize that most of us do not like the cold weather? I am sure there are some skiers out there that would disagree with me, but I have a theory that deep down even you don’t like winter, you are just to proud to admit it. For a triathlete the winter weather just plain sucks. All of my running and biking has to be indoors, and trust me the lack of sunlight and heat takes away from the fun of training. From a swimming perspective going back and forth in a pool blindly following the black line on the bottom is brain numbing. I would much rather be out in the middle of a lake somewhere (except for the one where I always seem to see snakes swimming along with me).

On the housing front things are still moving along. We continue to pick out the interior options for the new place in Kingston. It is tough to visualize what it will all look like once it comes together. We are down to the finer details now like light fixtures and where we want to place pot lights, etc. All of the paint and flooring has been decided on. We will have to have a huge house warming party where you are all invited. All we ask is that all ten of you bring 10% of the cost of the house and everything should work out just fine.

My training went well this week. I had to improvise a bit as I was in Kingston on Wednesday. I swam and ran at the Queens University pool as there was no way I was going to miss my workout! I travelled 242kms this past week, that might be a new record but I didn’t check.

See you at the finish line…..


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