Tough week in many respects.

It was a tough week. We found out early in the week that a really really good family friend had passed. I felt compelled to go to the funeral but in the end with work obligations and untimely bad weather it turned out that none of us could travel to the east coast. Charlene was so full of laughter and energy, she will be missed by all who knew her. 

A day later while getting the house ready for a showing I noticed that our 10 year old parrot had died as well. We don’t really know what had happened, probably a heart attack or something. We had been moving his cage around the house a lot during all of the open houses so maybe it was just to much for him. It is quiet in the house without him mimicking the phone ringing, or saying “pretty bird”.

On the house front we had a couple of showings, and an open house on Saturday. No offers to speak of yet but it is a bad time of year to sell. I am sure things will pick up in spring as all of the buyers dig out from the snowstorms.

During my run on Tuesday I somehow hurt my right foot. It was fine during the run but a couple hours afterwards it was bad. It made going down stairs really tough and painful. I had to cut back on my runs this week as a result. I basically did 1/2 the distance that my training plan called for. The lower mileage may help me longer term anyways, a bit of a break. Earlier today I did run a 15k at a moderate pace with very little pain so that was encouraging. I am hoping I don’t feel it tonight though! My training took me 254 kms this week.


Time to get ready for BattleDish Kingston. It is an event all afternoon where you stop at 6 restaurants and sample the main dish or dessert. It is a bit chilly out there but I think it will be a good event. No scale visit for me in the morning though, no chance!

See you at the finish line….. 

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