Time to taper the training…..

The weather seemed to finally give us a break this past week. There is nothing better than watching the snow melt, absolutely nothing. Well, if we didn’t have snow at all that would be better but I can only ask for so much right? We had another open house on Saturday and had a really good turnout. I think the good weather really helps, people like to get out and around when it is nice out. No offers yet but I am sure they are coming soon!

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

We got good news from Brandon this past week as he was accepted to his first choice University, the University of Toronto! He is going to follow in his parents footsteps and take Computer Science. He is also waiting on a response from University of Waterloo, it is his second choice at this point. His girlfriend seems to be heading to Waterloo so his priorities may change and he might find himself at Waterloo! The open houses for the Universities are upcoming so we have some travel ahead of us.

It was a long and stressful week, but aren’t they all? I did manage to get all of my workouts completed and for the most part they felt good. I had a good swim on Friday (2Kms) that was encouraging. I tried a new head position and it seemed to make my faster as well as put less strain on my neck. I can’t wait to jump back in the pool tomorrow to see if I can maintain the gains. I trained for 210 kms this week, and I can’t wait to be able to head outside for the training soon. This upcoming week my training will taper as I prepare for a 1/2 marathon on Sunday (woo hoo).

See you at the finish line….

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