House progress and low mileage!

Back of house taken from neighbors deck.

Back of house taken from neighbors deck.

I will start with the good stuff this week. The progress on our new house in Kingston is very encouraging. We have been by it a few times taking various pictures as the guys work on it. Currently they are still framing, they have completed the basement and the first floor, and a good portion of the garage. I figure next week they will complete the second floor and probably get the roof on the place. It is exciting as it is beginning to look like a house now. The picture I inserted was taken from the back porch of the house behind ours so it is looking at the back of our house. Our house is situated on a grade so we have a walkout basement.

I have been following the updates from the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl team that is currently in Belarus. I miss not being able to travel with the team this year but things just didn’t work out. With the house sale, purchase of a new one, and two projects at work closing up within a week of each other, there was just now way I could travel to Belarus this year. It makes me sad as I always looked forward to the trip to recharge my emotional/spiritual batteries. Nothing feels as good as helping others. You can check out all the great things that are happening at

Sometimes you need a little motivation to keep going.

Sometimes you need a little motivation to keep going.

My training has been average at best. I felt a bit off all week, skipping the odd planned workout here and there. My legs were tired from the half marathon last Sunday so I needed recovery time. I was looking forward to the weekend when I put my big mileage in but I woke up Saturday morning with a 24 hour flu bug. It was nasty stuff but I came out the other side a few pounds lighter (silver lining). Today I feel so weak so just rest for me. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able jump back on the horse. I travelled 95 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line…..

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