Outdoor training, finally!!!!!

Me and Brit

The weather has finally cooperated and that means it is time to head outdoors for the training. My bike thanked me as I removed it from the trainer after a long, long winter of being inside. Brittany was home from University for a few days so the timing worked out well for us to share the first outdoor ride of the season together. It was also a first for me on my new bike outside. Lot’s of firsts on this ride. We went out for a little over and hour. We headed east and were maintaining a good pace (37km/hr) and then we turned around and understood why. The headwind was very strong. The second half of the ride was MUCH harder than the first, lol! It felt good to be outside, finally.

The weekend had me doing multiple bikes and runs outside. Saturday was a 3 hour ride followed by a quick 5k run. Sunday was and hour ride followed by an hour run. I overdressed for all of the outdoor runs, I have to get used to the warm weather!

house april 12-2

The house is really coming along well. We went up to Kingston to see it on Saturday and broke our way into the open construction site, lol. They have it fully framed inside so we were able to visualize the floor plan now. It was very exciting for all of us. house april 12Brandon was able to see his room and think about where his bed and TV will be positioned. We also found out that there is a 15km packed gravel trail right behind our house! It will be great for walks and training runs!

I travelled 221 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line…

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