Easter Weekend Update

easter_egg_boxIt was wonderful to have a long weekend, and even better that the weather was nice for a change. It was a touch cool at times, but great for yard work and outdoor training. Brittany was home from University for the weekend. She has one exam left to write on Monday and is counting down the hours! She has already begun one of her summer jobs at a triathlon shop in Kingston. She loves it there and of course it fits right in with her interests. Apparently after a month of employment she will get some good discounts so I see new wheels in my future!

Brandon got his report card this week. He did very well once again with an average well above 90%. He is still debating between University of Waterloo or University of Toronto for school next year. He seems to be leaning towards Toronto, it works for us as it is closer and right on the rail line so easy access to come home whenever he wants.

house apr 20The new house continues to come along quickly. We now have a fully shingled roof! On Friday of this upcoming week we have a scheduled “walk through” of the fully framed house. This is the stage where we get to pick the location of cable and phone plugs, etc.

My training went well this week. I have a left knee that is acting up so taking easy on the runs, the swims and bikes are fine though. I travelled 242 kms in my training this past week. Next weekend I have a 10k race planned, looking forward to it.

See you at the finish line….

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