Warm up 10k race report

Clothing choices?

Clothing choices?

Yesterday I ran my first “official” race of the season. I participated in the KGH 10k trauma run along the shores of Lake Ontario in Kingston. The weather certainly did not cooperate. It was cold and wet and windy. In short, it was not a good day to be running. I had brought multiple clothing options with me but was still uncertain minutes before the race. Should I wear a running coat? Would I be to hot? Would I freeze my ass off if I didn’t? All questions that ran through my feeble brain prior to the race. In the end, it was a no coat decision and off we went.

I went out a little quick, adrenaline no doubt, and had to scale back my pace a bit after the first kilometre. I wanted to work on pacing so this was a good test. I tend to pick a few competitors running my pace and play head games with myself. Planning my passes on them as I run into glory! Well, the plans don’t always work but they keep me busy. The eventual race leader passed me when I was at the 4k marker, it was 6k for him at that point. I guess thats what I get for entering a race with a bunch of Queens students huh? In the end I was pleased with my race overall. My time was 53:04, a good early season run for me. Even better, there were MANY students half my age behind me at the finish.

I am wearing all black!

I am wearing all black!

Actually, when I think about it they are less then half my age, little bastards. All of the pictures are courtesy of my loyal “race crew”, Jackie. She is the one that gets the pleasure of witnessing all of the pre-race antics.

I have another three week training block ahead of me with high mileages and then I taper for a few days prior to my first triathlon of the season late in May. I can’t wait to see if I have improved from last year (I have done this race before so it is a good gauge of winter training progress).

On the house front we had a formal walk through on Friday. Things are really coming along as we have windows now! Soon they will lock the door and we will not be able to see the progress as easily. Can you arrest someone for breaking into their own house? I will send Jackie in first to find out while I wait in the car šŸ™‚


See you at the finish line…..

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