Seven weeks remaining!

Is summer ever going to get here? It is still so cold and rainy outside. I was saying to Jackie that I don’t think we have had a good hot, sunny day since last August. It would be nice for the sun to make an appearance at some point. We spent most of the week planning, and then executing Brittany’s house move. She left her current roommates for a new place, a single. We had to rent a truck and move all of the stuff. She has an inordinate amount of stuff for a student. We were lucky to fit it all in the one truck. Bottom line she is settled in and happier now. Her new place is above a restaurant right on Princess Street. in the downtown core. It was a big help to have my parents assist with both days of the move.

IMG_2283The new house continues to be coming along nicely. This week they finished all of the electrical and plumbing. They also poured the garage and the basement floors. All of the drywall is in the rooms in the house now in stacks so I figure they will spend this week hanging it all. It is hard to believe that it won’t be ready until July but that is still the current plan.

My training continues for the Ironman in June. I can’t believe there is only 7 weeks until the race! It is time to pick up the training and get a good final push in before the race. Brittany and I may head down to Syracuse next weekend for a training ride. I guess we will wait and see how the weather cooperates. Today I did a run over an hour long, in the pouring rain. It was good training in the event of rain on race day. Overall I travelled 232 kms during my training this week.

See you at the finish line….


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