Syracuse Training Session

IMG_4810We got some good weather this weekend, finally! Earlier today Brittany and I decided to take a trip to Syracuse to do some training on the Ironman course. I can’t believe how close the race is, only six weeks away. We didn’t really train together as we each had separate items on our training plans today. Brittany was all bike today as she did the full bike course of 90 kms. I had a three separate workout sessions today. I ran for 10k, then biked for 30k, than ran for another 6k. It was exciting to be at the race location as there were many other race participants getting some training in as well. It elevates the excitement!

Mothers-Day-paper-cardIt was also Mother’s Day today. Lots of presents and flowers to go around. Jackie would have usually come to Syracuse for the training trip but she elected to stay home and relax. Lots of book reading and relaxing, the way it should be. Brittany and I dropped in on my Mom on our drive back through Brockville to say Happy Mom’s day.

The house continues to be coming along. We found out this week that the kitchen installers are scheduled for June 8th. You would think based on that that we could move in by June 27th but they are still firm on a July 11th completion date. We don’t know much about building a house so they are likely right.

This week I travelled 221 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..


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