Race Report – First Race of the Season

IMG_7795This week I had a scheduled “tune up” race prior to my Ironman in June. I had participated in this race in the past, in fact this was my fourth time in this race. That was a good thing as I would be able to measure any off season progress I have made with my fitness. I was lucky enough to have Brittany home for the weekend so she did the race as well. We were up at 5am Saturday morning and headed up to Ottawa. It rained and was very cold so the conditions were less than ideal. We parked and picked up our race kits and racked our bikes. We also went to the body marking booth to get our race numbers applied. We were both freezing. I was literally trembling as I was getting my bike ready. The fear of course was that once we started the bike leg the wind would be unbearable.

The swim segment went reasonably well. I didn’t have my normal pre-swim jitters so that was a positive. MY swim was uneventful and I exited the pool in 13:08. That was one minute faster than my previous years swim time. First segment completed, goal achieved.

The bike was very cold as expected. I was excited to race my new bike though so I wasn’t focused on the weather. A few minutes into the ride I decided to go for broke and really pushed hard. I knew that it would kill my ability to run off the bike but this was just a tune up race. I passed many other competitors, convincingly :). My final time was 1:04 and change, seven minutes better than my previous time on that course. It was a 35 kms course so my average speed was 33.8 km/hr. You gotta love the bike segment! Second segment completed, goal surpassed.

On to the run I went. I do not really like this particular run course as there are some uneven portions that leave me hesitating. It took about a kilometre to feel my legs normally after my bike but they eventually came around. I finished the 5k run in a little over 25 minutes, one minute better than my run time last year. Third segment completed, goal achieved.

So in summary, it was a good race for me. I have a renewed confidence heading into the Ironman. I trimmed 10 minutes off my previous best on the Ottawa course so I know I have gained some fitness over my winter training. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention that I was only two minutes behind Brittany overall, the world championship participant!! She won her age group once again!

My training was limited this past week as I was tapering for the race on Saturday. I travelled 150 kms.

See you at the finish line….


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