Graduation Day!

IMG_1345Brandon had his first of two proms this past weekend. His girlfriend Kayla goes to a different high school across town so they get the pleasure of going to both school’s proms! As a typical male teenager, he was not thrilled about the entire process of dressing up and getting a million pictures taken. He would have preferred to skip that part and head straight to the party. We did get lots of pictures of him and Kayla, they both looked fabulous. It was also a reminder of how old we are no that our baby is graduating from high school. In another two weeks we will do it all over again for his high school.


IMG_0143The new house continues to make progress. They did the brickwork on the house this past week so the exterior is pretty much completed now. We are happy with how it looks, even though we had totally forgotten what colours we had chosen. That kind of thing happens with age and a hectic life in general. We have to leave our only family home we have ever owned in 3 weeks. We are not even close to being ready for the move and as a result I will be taking a few weeks of vacation in the near future!

My training went well this week. The race is only 3 weeks away now so my focus is to not injure myself in these last few weeks. I still have not been able to do any open water swimming as the water remains to be too cold, even with a wetsuit. I am pleased with my race nutrition planning. I have been eating and drinking on my long rides and runs just as I will during the race. So far no major stomach problems so that is good news. I travelled 227 kms this past week.

See you at the finish line….

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