Long training ride in Syracuse

Well it was a busy week to say the least. With the house sale right upon us there are thousands of things to get done. I listed some of the furniture and appliances that we no longer need online and had many responses. The refrigerator sold very quickly and we had good interest in the stove but I don’t want to let that go until the 24th. I just can’t imagine living without a stove for the next two weeks. I think that turned some people away as they were looking for immediate possession. We got a chance to look in the windows of the new place. All of the painting is completed and the light fixtures are in. The ceramic tile has been installed as well. This week the kitchen company arrives and installs the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. All that will be left is the hardwood floors at that point! The day might finally get here when they hand us the keys!

IMG_0890I had a couple of open water swims this past week. The water is finally bearable. Brittany showed me a new lake north of Kingston (Round Lake) that turned out to be a good spot for training. Is is not huge but big enough to get that open water feel (i.e. there are turtles and snakes visible). Actually, speaking of snakes, I had one coming right at me when I first got in the water. I was thinking “what the f!@# is with this guy, get away from me”! At the very last moment he veered away to my left and kept going. My heart rate was elevated, not a good start to that swim. Brittany and I also went to Syracuse and biked the Ironman course. I must say it was not a confidence building ride for me. I just didn’t feel up to it. It was a very tough ride for me, the hills killed me. Meanwhile Brittany was smiling away the entire time. We did the 90kms in 3:16:55.

See you at the finish line……


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