Vacation Time – Sort of

keep-calm-and-enjoy-vacation-24I started two weeks of vacation on Friday but it hasn’t felt that way. I spent all weekend on the phone for work purposes with one of our plants in Georgia. Unfortunately things are not going well with a project I am leading. It is tough to enjoy vacation when all you are doing is thinking about work.

Brandon had another prom to attend this week, this time it was for his high school. It was fun to see the kids all dressed up once again. Everyone had a good time and they all got home safely. No more high school proms for our family, it will be strange not having a child in the public school system after all these years.IMG_1272

This is our last productive weekend in the old house. As a result we are doing a ton of packing in preparation for the move. The things on the to do list continue to grow. Who knew that we had so much stuff? Dad and I spent  Father’s Day moving a huge wall unit from my house to his. I didn’t think it was going to fit down the stairs but we got lucky by a couple of centimetres.

The hardwood floor is now down in the new house. It won’t be long now and we will have the keys to the new house!

And just to add to the list of things to do, I have a week remaining before my Ironman race. I don’t feel like I am ready for it, at all, but I will give it a shot. If I don’t finish I will know I have done everything I could to prepare. There is far too much going on right now! I travelled 199 kms during my training this week, most of it in good weather!

See you at the finish line…..

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