Out with the old, waiting on the new.

IMG_6880Well we spent the last week moving out of our old house. We had been living there for over 20 years so there are a lot of memories of the house. It is the only house the kids have ever known. They were born there, took their first steps there, and had birthday parties there. It was a tiring week of packing and throwing things out. It is amazing how much junk you collect over the years. We both claim this will be our last move as it is just so tiring, lol. The moving company was at the house Wednesday and Thursday, the new family moved in on Friday. We are currently living at our parents houses for the next twi weeks until we take possession of the new house.





My workouts were limited this week due to all the moving activities. I did get a good open water swim completed and the weekend gave me some good running and biking time. I will have to find some new routes at the new house, that will be exciting. I travelled 93 kms this week during my training.


I did some event planning and think I have my next race picked out, stay tuned. Having time off also allowed us to have a lunch at “Farm Girl”. It is a local food truck that only serves healthy farm grown recipes. I have attached a picture of Brittany and I eating the food outdoors!

See you at the finish line….





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