Successful Week

We certainly have a lot going on right now but it feels like things are coming together. On the housing front we signed final papers and do a pre delivery inspection on Wednesday of this week. It is getting exciting! We should be all moved into the new place by this time next week if all goes well.

I have been helping to plan a charity poker run for a number of months now. Yesterday we had the actual event, the 3rd annual, and it continued to grow. We started off slowly a few years back but the consistent growth is encouraging. It is all for a great cause, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, a charity that I mentioned before I am a director of. Next year will get even better!

We (i.e. mostly Jackie) spent time with Brandon this past week picking out his university courses for September. You almost need a degree just to get through this registration process. We still have some work to do but we are closer than we were at the beginning of the weekend.

My training has not been a focus for about three weeks now. I am getting out and doing some workouts but they are just enough to keep me engaged at this time. This upcoming week I start a ten week training block in preparation for my next race.

Sebastian-Kienle-Kona-Press-Conference-2013-DSC_0515This morning Jackie and I got up early to watch Ironman Frankfurt online. Our favourite triathlete, Sebastian Keinle, was in the race. He won his first Ironman at his home town race. As well it was his birthday. You might ask how we got involved with following him? When we were at World Championships last year we got to spend some time with him and he was so nice and supportive. Ever since we have been his biggest fans!

I travelled 118 kms during my training this week.

See you at the finish line…..

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