My 100th Blog Post!

Centenarian-birthday-cand-007Who would have thought that this foolishness would have lasted so long? It seemed like just yesterday when I started blogging about my desire to complete an Ironman race. I knew it would be a long term goal  but maybe not this long! I guess that will make it that much better when I do reach the ultimate goal. Of course, my blog is always about much more than just my fitness endeavours, it has turned into an update about all of the excitement within my family. It has included updates on kids proms, university fun, new homes, sick cats, etc. Truth be told, I think most of you enjoy the family updates more than the fitness ones!

imageThis week we got settled into the new house. It is beginning to feel like home now and all of the boxes that are going to be unpacked are indeed unpacked now. We even had good friends Ron and Lorna over for a lunch this weekend. I have been slowly working on setting up my workout room in the basement. This week I purchased some fitness flooring and put the final touches on the room. I have added some pictures for those that are interested. Brandon and I also setup the music room, he was happy to get his piano and guitars back in service after a number of weeks of being packed away.

From a fitness perspective my workouts have been going well. I live in a valley now so all runs are uphill from my front doorstep. It is good to get some hill work in, I just wish it wasn’t every run :). I have also been trying out some new biking routes. The traffic in the area is definitely heavier than back in Maitland, but I am getting used to it. Brittany and I also did a nice open water swim in Lake Ontario on Friday night. This past week I travelled 245 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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