Small Training Week – Long Weekend

This week went by very quickly with plenty of activity. My good friends and fellow board members at CAC had a huge event this week with the annual gala. They raised $100,000 for our community based charity. I am speechless, that means so much for the children in Belarus, so much. I was sorry to have to miss the event this year but super excited at the success! You can read all about it at our website by clicking on this link.

My training this week was light, there was just so much going on. It gave my body a chance to rest a bit. I trained for 68 kms this past week. Living closer to Brittany allows us to have some good father/daughter training time, we had a couple of good open water swims together this week.

IMG_4577Brittany raced again this weekend. She competed at the K-Town triathlon right here in Kingston. She had another great race, we were all very proud of her. She came in first place in her age group once again, but she claimed it wasn’t her best day. She had an awesome 1:05 15k run at the end of the event, super fast. I ran beside her for about 200m to encourage her, then I needed a breather, lol

Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada so I hope to sleep in and relax, that is the current plan!

See you at the finish line….


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