We have grass!!!!!

It was another busy week for us in the McEachern house. We have been in the new place for thirty days now so Jackie had to submit our thirty-day defect list back to the builder. There really wasn’t anything of significance, just little things that needed to be addressed. We also had some landscaping completed this past weekend. We have our grass now! We also have concrete curbs up both sides of our driveway.

IMG_1204On Thursday we took Brandon up to Toronto to get acquainted with the University area. We had a great trip! He was able to get his student card and do some shopping in the bookstore. We went up to see his room. He is on the 10th floor in a corner room with a great view. It is all very exciting. It will only be a few more weeks and he will be leaving home. We will officially be empty nesters, well until they all come back after graduation.

Jackie’s friend Dale stayed with us for the weekend. They were able to tour all the fun things that Kingston has to offer. They also had a few meals downtown at some new restaurants. There was also an incident with the Ride program, you can ask her about that!

I had lots of opportunity to get some long training sessions in this weekend. Yesterday I rode for about three hours, 90kms. About ½ hour into the ride my saddle got loose and that made for a LONG ride. It put extra pressure on my shoulders so I was happy to get off the bike at the end of the ride. I usually ride with a few tools to help in these situations but of course I didn’t have them with me. Earlier today I had a run-bike-run session. It began with a 10k run, followed by a 40k bike, and then back into another 10k run. It was certainly hot by the time I finished. I did a portion of the run on a trail that was nice and shaded though!

This past week I travelled 206 kilometers during my training. Next week we will be in Mount Tremblant for the Ironman, very exciting to watch Brittany once again!

See you at the finish line…..

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