Big exciting week!

We had an exciting week! First off, Brandon finished his last day of work on Wednesday. No more summer job for him and he was very happy about that! He had been working at a local grocery store in the deli for over a year now and with school starting in two weeks he took a little break. This will give all of us a bit of time to get him ready for the next academic stage in his life. We also get to see more of him now as he is back with us in Kingston.

IMG_6382Jackie, Brittany and I travelled to Mont Tremblant for her first full Ironman race. We left on Friday morning and got into our hotel around 3pm. The van was absolutely packed full,not one more bag would have fit. She is a small girl with a lot of luggage and backpacks. I think she travels with everything she owns. To be fair, she had prepared all of her meals for the weekend beforehand so that was part of the luggage. Most of the weekend leading up to the race was checking into the race, dropping off her bike and transition bags, etc. The weather really didn’t cooperate with us. It was rainy and cold all weekend, including race day. That was a bummer for me as well as I couldn’t do any training this weekend and my plan was for a heavy training weekend. Race morning arrived and went smoothly as we watched her enter the water for the first leg, the swim. She had a good swim and was smiling when we saw her exit the water. The bike didn’t go as well. She had three mechanical issues and had to stop to fix them. IMG_2053These things happen in a long race, but not three times. I could tell by her times that she was having issues. We saw her a couple times during her run. She was killing it as usual. She was in 6th after the bike and ran through the field, eventually finishing 2nd by only 22 seconds! She was so close to winning but had an awesome finish and experience! She did a cartwheel over the finish line and got a huge applause for it! We now have an Ironman in the family and it was not who we thought it would be, I thought this was my blog! We are all very proud of her!

Well as I mentioned my training was put on the back burner for the weekend so my mileage was down. I travelled 156kms this past week.

See you at the finish line…..


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