The School Season is Back

IMG_2438IMG_1597IMG_4237This past week was frosh week for Brandon as started his first year of University. We all drove to Toronto last Sunday to get him settled into his dorm for the year. I thought I was going to be in for lots of heavy lifting and stair climbing but U of T did things right! When we pulled up there was a crowd of students there chanting Brandon’s name to welcome him to the school. They unloaded the van and delivered all of it directly to his room. By the time I parked the van and took the elevator to his room on the 10th floor he was ready to go! His room was quite nice for a dorm room. He got a corner room so he has two windows, each one looking in both directions. He is right beside the library (we will see if he uses it)! After getting him settled in the room we went and bought the books for the year at the school bookstore. We had a family lunch and then said our goodbyes for the day.

Brittany is entering her third year of Kinesiology at Queens. She is excited to get back to the books as well. She has been researching med school options as well as Masters programs for Physiotherapy. Apparently she thinks money grows on trees! She has a plan to come home for supper each Sunday afternoon, a good meal, clothes washed, etc.

We spent some time this morning following a couple of Ironman events. The 70.3 World Championships were taking place in Mont Tremblant. We are now familiar with most of the pros so it is neat to follow the races. As well, a friend of the family Kim Charbonneau is doing her first 1/2 Ironman today in Muskoka. As of this blog entry she is doing great, go Kim go!

This past Friday was also our wedding Anniversary! Amazing that Jackie has put up with me all these years, I am a lucky man!

I basically took the week off from training. It felt good to just relax but I was beginning to feel a bit like a slug by the end of the week. I got back at it starting on Saturday and travelled 65kms this weekend.

See you at the finish line…..


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