Is Winter Coming?

fall-leaves-water1Well it certainly felt like we went from summer directly into winter this past week. The temperatures in the morning were downright cold. In fact, on some days the temperatures were cold all day. We also had plenty of rain to deal with so that didn’t help. The NFL season started last weekend, it always signals the beginning of fall for me. My team has plenty of promise this year but they did lose their first game to their arch nemesis Steelers. It was closer than many thought it would be though.

I was envious all week of Eric’s pictures on Facebook. Him and Peggy have been in Scotland touring what seems like every pub in the country. The pictures of the full Scottish breakfast have looked very appetizing! And of course, there was plenty of alcohol in many pictures as well. I wonder if he will remember much of the trip? Oh wait, maybe that is why he is posting all the pictures, so he can remember it all when he gets home! I imagine he can’t wait to get home and run a quick 10k before our next board meeting!

I enjoy running in the fall. Of course you need to dress appropriately but the colours and the brisk temperatures make for a comfortable run. I did some trail running earlier today and it was good for the soul. I am beginning to get comfortable with the new area in terms of workout routes. Unfortunately winter is right around the corner.

This week I travelled 156 kms during my training. I am slowly picking my mileage back up, easing back into it. In fact, I am travelling to Kansas for work all this upcoming week so this will be a very light week.

See you at the finish line….

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