Second Summer?

I was all ready to take my training indoors for the year and then the warm weather reappeared. It was a beautiful week, sunny and warm for most of the days. The leaves are starting to change colours, in fact, some of them are on the ground. I ran a few times on a nearby trail and it was really good. There are no streetlights to contend with, traffic to avoid. I am still waiting for deer to jump in front of me on the trails. I was also able to take the bike back outdoors for a few rides. It can be a bit cold in the wind but if you dress appropriately it is the best time to ride.

931_mainEarlier in the week Jackie and I added to the home gym. We bought a new treadmill in anticipation for the upcoming winter months. We looked at a bunch of different models and settled on a Precor 9.31. It is a higher end home model, not quite commercial grade but good nonetheless. It won’t be delivered until later this week, we are excited.

I travelled 101 kms during my training this week.

See you at the finish line…..

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