Birthdays and Graduations!

IMG_6413Yes, it is that time of year again when we far too much food. Between now and Christmas it is always a struggle to just maintain my weight, I hope I can do it! We had plenty of excitement this past week. Yesterday was Jackie’s 29th birthday again, imagine that! She got to relax for the day and do a lot of reading. We also attended Brandon’s high school graduation ceremony. Of course he finished high school last June but the presentation of awards and diplomas happened on Friday. He did awesome! He got an Ontario Scholar award (greater than 80% average), a BCI scholar award (greater than 90% average, and a special math/music award that had $$ with it! We were all very proud of him. It was also a little sad as it is likely the last time we will be at the school that we have had a child attending for 7 years.

Both kids are home for Thanksgiving. Well it might be accurate to say that they are both home to have their wash done. They have both been busy of course, we haven’t seen much of them. Later today is the family dinner so we may get to spend some time with them and the parents.

My training continued at a snails pace this week. I managed to get 75 kilometres of training in throughout the week. I hope next week I can pick up my mileage a bit!

See you at the finish line, says Dublin the cat……IMG_3097

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