Sweet Carolina

3511No, not Sweet Caroline, the Neil Diamond song. I was in Columbia, South Carolina all week on business. It was a long week as I left at 4am on Monday morning and got home late on Friday. It was a productive week all things considered. The best part of the week was definitely the weather. It was mid 70s during the day, with lots of sunshine. That meant that I got some good runs in this week. Each day after my meetings I was able to run outdoors, and really enjoy it. They were good sweaty sessions!

On the weekend I was able to get a couple of bike rides in, and a few more runs. Overall I had a have decent workout week considering the limitations of travel.

It seemed strange to be in the US while the sad news of the Ottawa situation was going on back home. I had to follow it all on the US news, which we all know sensationalizes everything. It was so weird watching the video of the downtown core that I have visited so many times before. Heck, most of my triathlons to date have been in Ottawa. A very sad week for sure. Ottawa-City-In-Canada

Back to a normal routine this upcoming week.

See you at the finish line…..

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