A Weekend of Shopping and Birthdays!

Well I had a busy weekend so far. Friday night we went out to do some Christmas shopping. Well, I am not sure we did much Christmas shopping but we did get lots of stuff for ourselves! Jackie and I both bought shoes and some other odds and ends. We also packed up the van for our trip to Toronto the next day.

IMG_3127We (Jackie, Brittany, and I) left for Toronto around 8am. We spent the day delivering a student aid package to Brandon in his dorm. You may wonder what is in a student aid package for a teenage boy? Well, most of it was junk food! He should be on a sugar high until he returns home at Christmas. We also took him and his girlfriend Kayla out to lunch. We walked to the Hard Rock Cafe at Yonge and Dundas. I thought it would be fun to do a bit of shopping in the Eatons Center, bad plan. We left there 2 hours later and $1000 poorer. At least we all got something nice!

21st-Birthday-Later today we are all going out to dinner for Brittany’s birthday celebration. We already gave her our gifts this morning but both sets of grandparents will be joining us at the dinner so I am sure there will be some more loot for her. We are going out to Jack Astors in downtown Kingston.

I spent significant time back in the pool this week. I think I am finally get the feel for the water back which is good. It is amazing how quickly you lose it when you take some time off. I also had a 5k race this weekend, it was a respectable time but certainly not my best!

See you at the finish line……

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