A Cat’s Life

IMG_4981When I come back I want to come back as a cat. Well to be more accurate, one of our cats. They have life by the balls (except that we had theirs all removed). When I am working out, let’s say on the treadmill, they sit and stare at me. If they could talk it would be a  WTF moment. When I go on the indoor bike they are a little frightened as it makes some noise. So they sit on the cat tree and continually push the remote controls on the floor, knowing it makes me get off my bike. And then there is stretching on the floor. They seem to think that this is the activity they are suppose to take part in. As I lay on the floor stretching they weave in and out of my legs or arms, frequently rubbing their asses in my face. No, I don’t like that, at all. And then there are the planks. Holding myself elevated for minutes at a time on my arms and toes, they decide to curl up under me. Do they realize I could come tumbling down at any moment?

Ok, post workout. I shower. One of them sits on my towel on the toilet, staring. I am sure he puts the video up on youtube when I go to work during the day. When I get out and pull the towel out from under him he squawks at me, I mean it is my towel! The other ones are laying on my clean clothes I have set out on the bed for after the shower.

Trying to sleep is another matter all together. The oldest cat Muggles, sits on my chest. When I close my eyes he bats me in the face. Or better yet, sticks his tongue in my mouth, yes I am serious. Then he meows all night looking for a treat of temptations.

As I try to write in my blog each week, at least one of them decides it is a great time to lay across the keyboard. Typically looking at me with his FU face on.

This week the cat’s witnessed me travelling 175 kms during my training.

The cat’s will see you at the finish line…..

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