Winter Wonderland – Christmas Decorating.



We got our first real dump of snow this past week and it looked pretty, for about 5 minutes. Then came the reality that someone had to get it all off the driveway! I got my first chance to fire up the snowblower and was pleasantly surprised when it worked on the first pull. Unfortunately we live on the end of a new street, there are only two homes on it so far, so the City of Kingston doesn’t really consider us a priority for ploughing. As a result we didn’t see any trucks until about 11am. If that turns out to be the regular routine for the city it is going to make it tough to get to work on time!

IMG_5781This weekend we also had the push on to decorate the house for Christmas. We had done some simple things previous to the cruise but it was time to go all out. So the tree is up and decorated, mantle decorated above the fireplace, wreath on the front door, etc. I guess you could say we are in the full Christmas cheer now! Both kids come home from University mid week after their final exams. It will be our first christmas in the new house. Time to start new traditions and end some old ones. We will miss the luminaries we had in Maitland! On the upside, we get to watch the family of deer at the lake across from the house (tough to see in the snowy picture).

IMG_3376Brittany and I dropped into Ted’s Triathlon store in Kingston yesterday. It is by far the best bike store in Kingston and they always treat us right! We had a good conversation with Ted, Ashon, and Marc. Don’t worry Marc, you will kill Cozumel next year! My training continued to go well this past week, with the exception of swimming. I didn’t get in the pool this past week, just couldn’t work it into the schedule. I travelled 139kms this week during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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