Interesting Yearly Statistics

shutterstock_124904123Is anyone interested in statistics? Statistics is the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of data. I have always had an interest in analyzing numbers, since a young child in fact. I remember my early days of watching hockey and consistently looking at the standings, figuring out how many more games were needed before my beloved Montreal Canadians would clinch the conference title. Thank God I was never a Leafs fan, that would have been a long haul, lol.

This past week I received stats from the company that hosts my blog, WordPress. It is the annual review of my blog entries and how many viewers I have. While I don’t have a lot of viewers there was certainly some neat information to be considered. I had approximately 1600 views this past year, as I said nothing to amazing but for a small little blog that is followed by friends only that is not too bad. I also found out that I average two pictures in each blog entry! Another very interesting thing I learned was that my most popular post was just previous to my Syracuse 1/2 Ironman fail!!! Yes, that’s right, you the reader like to read about my failures, not my successes. When I did complete the 1/2 Ironman distance and posted a race review it was not as popular, who knew. I guess friends like to see friends fail!!!! In reality, I got many emails about that “failure” post saying it was only a minor setback, that I could do it. Maybe it wasn’t that people wanted me to fail, but they wanted to let me know I could succeed.

globe_flags_270x224I was also very interested in where in the world people live that follow my blog. The top country was Canada, not a surprise in that most of my friends and family are located in Canada. In second place was Brazil, who knew? I don’t think I know anyone from Brazil, well a few work acquaintances but that would be about it. In third place was the US, I kind of expected that as I do know many people from south of the border! Germany was fourth (Thanks Andreas!) and Italy was fifth. Other countries included Russia, Egypt, Australia, and Belarus. In total people from 58 different countries have read my blog! Kind of cool!

Click here to see the complete report.

I had a good week of training. I got into the pool a few times this week and even started looking for a good swim coach to prepare for this upcoming season. Brittany and I also did some race planning for the summer. We have such a short season that every weekend gets planned out in detail. This past week I travelled 224 kms  while training.

In the spirit of being a global blog, my familiar blog ending will now be in different languages each week. Can you guess what language it is this week?

Wir sehen uns dann auf der Ziellinie……

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