Winter Blues

1297522537658_ORIGINALIt is at that point in the season where heading south seems like the only sane option. I mean, who actually enjoys the freezing rain and snow day after day? Now that we are the only house on a cul de sac we get spotty snow removal service. The city guarantees removal 16 hours after the finish of the snow fall. So what happens when the snow never stops falling? We get snowed into our house, that is what happens. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing except we both have jobs to get to each day so living like a hermit until spring is not an option.

2015FoodBox-600x397I had planned to drive to Brockville a couple times this past week to help CAC with the preparation for sending aid to Belarus in a few weeks. Each time I was all set to go the snow would get heavier and it just didn’t make sense to make the hour drive each way. I did miss the camaraderie that comes with being part of such a good organization.

Brittany had a triathlon competition this weekend. It was with Queen’s University Team as they travelled to Toronto to compete against other universities. The event was held at the U of T campus in downtown Toronto so Brandon was able to see the competition. I am sure he wasn’t all that popular amongst his school mates when he was cheering for Queens but blood is pretty thick. Brittany could be his ticket to Hawaii some day so he has to do his part. 🙂 Queens won the event and Brittany came in third in her division.

It was an “off” week of training for me. That means I still had workouts in my plan but they were shorter than usual, giving me some rest time for my 10k race earlier today. I raced at the RMC Kingston campus, not a bad location. I was slightly disappointed with my time (54:20), but it is early in the season. Overall I trained fro 119kms this past week.

Féach tú ag an líne a chríochnú......

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