Reading Week – For the younger generation

bookwormThis upcoming week is reading week for both of the kids. This is loosely defined as Brittany spending each day reading ahead on all of her courses to prepare for the final stretch, and Brandon playing video games and sleeping without a sliver of thought about school. They both came home on Friday, we picked Brittany up at her apartment downtown and Brandon arrived on the train. It is great that we live so close to the train station here in Kingston!

We celebrated Valentines Day on Friday night by going out for a family meal. We went downtown to Tango Nueva, a local tapas joint. It was the first time that the kids had been there and they enjoyed it. It is like a finger food extravaganza with many small dishes arriving over a period of time. You get to taste lots of different things which is good.

Monday is a holiday here in Ontario so that will be a nice break from the normal Monday morning slog. I might get to sleep in for a bit, although I doubt it as I wake up before 6am on every day.

This past week I travelled 249 kilometres during my training. Of course, all of it was indoors with the extreme weather we have been having.

Phb kạn thī̀ s̄ên chạy......

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