Winter continues, unfortunately.

It will be a short blog entry today, I have a busy Sunday ahead of me! Is anyone else tired of winter yet? It has been crazy! I heard that it will be the coldest February in 75 years in my local city, now that is cold. I was hoping that maybe March would get really mild, maybe warmer than usual, but apparently we are getting more of the same temperatures we had in February. Does anyone have a vacation home in the south that they want to share?

146064_USAWashingtonDC_WinterSnowCapitolBuildingStreet_thinkstock_92102772This past week I travelled 166 kms during my training. I got to use some of the tips I had gotten from the swim clinic last week in the pool this week. My 1/2 Marathon is quickly approaching (March 14th). In fact, I got the final race package this week in the mail! I hope it is warmer in Washington than it is here in Canada!

Al gade nan ou nan liy lan fini .

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