The Senators are coming!

IMG_2941I have to admit that I haven’t been much of a hockey fan the last 20 years or so. As a child growing up in Toronto I loved the Montreal Canadiens, I mean who would be stupid enough to like the leafs right? The Canadiens were in their glory years with year after year of winning seasons. When we decided to move to eastern Ontario I started following the Ottawa Senators. They had one season when they almost won the cup but then fell back into the basement soon after.

This year they are nothing to get excited about, yet I am excited about them! They are battling the bastard Bruins for the 8th and final playoff spot in their conference. The prize if they happen to get the spot is a first round match-up with the Canadiens, it would be epic!

IMG_5251This past week Jackie and I had a chance to join other members of the CAC board in a box to watch the Senators/Bruins game. It was a great time, food, drinks, good friends, what more could you ask for right. Oh wait, and the Senators squashed the Bruins as well, almost forgot about that little fact. It was a late weeknight but it was worth it!

This past week I recovered from the 1/2 Marathon last weekend. I wasn’t feeling like doing much running until Wednesday, and even then I felt it more than normal. I guess the older you get the more recovery time you require. I did manage to travel 155 kms this past week during my training, and I am looking forward to a full week of training this upcoming week.

zen ir bay di endikn shurh .

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