A week of sickness.

sicknessIt was a long week for me as I caught a cold/flu early in the week. I struggled though it until late Tuesday and then it put me on my back until Friday morning. I thought I was going to hack up a lung at one point, but I made it through. As a result I had very little excitement this past week. It is hard to make sickness exciting to read about in a blog!

Yesterday, with the help of Dad, I set the barbecue back up on the back deck and put out the lawn furniture. I think I am being overly optimistic that the weather will change soon, call me foolish. At this point we may be lucky enough to get about 6 weeks of summer!

My workouts were obviously interrupted this week. On the weekend I got back on track slightly and put some miles in. Saturday’s workout was tough, I wasn’t really ready for it. Today I felt better when I worked out, maybe I am on the mend. I travelled 93 kms this past week during my travels.

See you at the finish line…..


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