Time for an Egg Hunt?

IMG_9638Easter is here and the traditions within the family are changing. We used to plan elaborate hunts with hidden eggs and plenty of cryptic clues. We had the woods beside the house in Maitland which made for great hiding places! Well, the “kids” are now university students who aren’t in moods for hunting for much at all. In fact, Brandon has trouble opening his eyes before 1pm on most days when he is home. The geese in the picture looked for treats in the backyard, they came up empty!

So, we had to attempt to start new traditions. We have a reservation later today for an Easter brunch at a local restaurant, we will see if it becomes an annual event. Can’t go wrong with a food event right?

hospital1Uncle Tom had some surgery this past week. It was good to see some pictures of him on Facebook wearing funny bunny ears and surrounded by some family. Get well soon! Kayla also managed to get herself in a bit of trouble this week. Stepping out of a taxi she twisted her ankle and is now on crutches heading into exams! I saw a picture of the ankle, it does not look good!!! Brandon may have to carry her around for awhile!

Brandon spent some time yesterday dropping resumes off around town trying to find a summer job. It looks promising at Metro as he worked there in Brockville so he has the required experience. He had an interview at Lone Star. The interviewer stayed in character as “SouthPaw” as he engaged Brandon. The first question was “What name will you use if you get a job here?”

My friends from CAC are slowly making their way to Belarus for the annual delivery of humanitarian aid. It has been good to see the pictures as they travel and arrive at the final destination. Eric even found that he owns his own private water company in Turkey!

I travelled 175 kms this week while training. I am losing motivation, maybe I need a break from training for a few weeks. If I do take time off I won’t be ready for the 1/2 Ironman in July (yikes)!

See you at the Easter Egg Hunt……

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