Busy Spring Week

Today it finally feels like spring has sprung. I think it is 12C out there right now with no snow left! I moved all of the workout equipment (bikes, watches, shoes, hats, etc) to the garage for the summer. It is setup and ready to go! I took the bike out for a quick spin just to make sure everything was mechanically sound. The weather is suppose to get even warmer this week so I will be ready!

84253aJackie and I took a trip to Toronto yesterday to watch a comedian, Bill Maher. It was a Christmas present that Jackie had got me. We first spent the day walking around Toronto with Brandon and having dinner with him. He has a couple exams remaining so he was happy to get out of his residence. We filled the van with the first load of things that need to be moved back home from his residence. The comedian hit the stage a little after 8pm, it was really good, better than I even expected! It was a long drive home after the show, but we made it in one piece.

Brittany has also been writing and studying for exams. She will be done on Thursday and then it is smooth sailing for her for the rest of the summer (otherwise known as training time).

This past week I travelled 92 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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