Business Travel

1-old-school-books-sandra-cunninghamThis upcoming week I am back on the road for a business trip. In fact, next week as well. I am taking a course this week and then the following week I write an exam. It is going to be tough to be back in student mode as it has been years. You lose the ability to memorize things as you get older and the course content and subsequent exam is all memorization, ugh. I find myself in rooms of my house not knowing why I went there in the first place, how am I suppose to pass a 4 hour exam of memorized facts? The course has very long days, 12 hour sessions, with 2 hours of homework each night. Isn’t this all sounding like a lot of fun?

My workouts have been hampered lately with all the other activities. Brittany is now finished exams and moved back home for the summer. Actually, she is back for more than the summer as she will live her during her semester next year. She has been diligently researching grad schools for Physiotherapy, lots of options are still on the table.

Brandon is home as well but he still has one exam remaining on April 28th. We will have to move him back home for the summer once he has finished that one. Papa has volunteered for that task! He has put in resumes all over Kingston for summer work but so far has had no luck. There is a long list of unpaid chores waiting for him around the house if he doesn’t find a real job.

07_Muskoka_IronmanBrittany and I were signed up for a triathlon training camp in early May but they changed the schedule due to lack of attendance, bummer. It no longer made sense for us to make the drive to Muskoka as a result so it is a lost opportunity to see the Ironman course and ride some of the roads.

I travelled 116 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line….

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