Nantucket Vacation Plans

Nantucket-08-2004After much deliberation Jackie and I booked a mini vacation for later in June. We waffled between going to the deep south, flying to Europe for a quick trip, and a few other options. In the end we opted for something that was drivable, well at least for much of the trip. Nantucket is an island off the coast of Massachusetts. As I researched it I had thoughts of the Kennedy’s at Martha’s Vineyard, it felt a lot like that. In fact, it is not very far from there. I knew it was an island of course, but I didn’t understand that they strongly discourage you taking your car to the island. So we will park our car at Hyannis Port and take a passenger ferry to the island of Nantucket.

One of the reasons we picked Nantucket was to attend a book festival. We had been hunting for one to attend and had considered the National Book fair in Washington in September but frankly, the Nantucket one had better authors and would be a bit more intimate. The website for the festival is here.

seafoodThis trip will also take Jackie back to her childhood memories of salt water and wind, just like Newfoundland. There are plenty of seafood restaurants to try out as well, so that will be fun. I am still thinking about taking my triathlon bike with us but I wasn’t encouraged by the description of how they load them on the ferry. Still thinking on that one.

This past week I had some good training sessions. The weather has turned a bit cool once again but it has been dry at least. I travelled 163 kms this past week during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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