Mechanical Issues

Bike_Racer_With_A_Flat_Tire_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090113-114915-147048I must say that I have been lucky when it comes to have mechanical issues while on long rides on my bike. That is always the fear, something breaking when you are miles from home and hoping you can reach someone to come and pick you up. A couple years back I had my first flat tire. I was out on a country road north of Brockville and walked to the nearest house. The husband and wife were nice enough to drive me back home with my bike in the back of their pickup truck.

Yesterday I headed out for a longish ride (2+ hours). I got about 1/2 hour away from the house and I felt the wobble. I slowed down and sure enough I had another flat. I have always been one to just take the bike in to get repaired rather than doing it myself so I don’t carry a spare tube and CO2 cartridge with me on the bike. I do carry my cell phone though so I called home and my guardian angel came and picked me up. After Jackie and I got home I went on youtube and began to follow the instructions for replacing the tube. It was easy enough, I even thought I would steal one of Brittany’s tubes and then I would be on my way. Unfortunately it was the wrong size. I went to the bike shop and waiting for them to open to buy a couple new ones.  They recognized me and opened the door a bit early so I could be on my way.

So I fixed the flat and was ready once again for my long ride. I did the hills on Burbrook just north of Kingston a few times. It is a real quad killer. Going down is fun, going up, well, not so much. It is easy to reach 55-60 km/hr on the way down, with the wind in my hair…. Oh wait, I have no hair. Ok, the wind in my face.

This past week I travelled 185 kms during my training. The build phase of my program is beginning to increase the mileage.

See you at the finish line…

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