Faster Than A Turtle?

It is human nature to compare yourself to others. This happens a lot during triathlons. You pick someone out at the start line that looks to be about your age, you both nod at each other, and then it is on. You may come in 45th place but the guy at the start line, he was in 46th so it was a successful outing. If you come in 2nd place, but he wins, no so successful.

I was looking outside during a rainstorm this week. The turtles must have really enjoyed the wet weather as there were a few of them out on our lawn. I screamed at Jackie to get her iPhone for a video. After living for 20 years in Maitland, where we truly were isolated, we now live in the city and have seen more wildlife this spring than all the years combined in Maitland. It helps that we bought a house in the middle of wetlands. The coyotes howl at night, it sounds like there are 100s of them. I have only ever seen one but i am sure he has partners in crime. The racoons sift through the garbage.

Back to the turtle. He gave me the all knowing “eye” before he bolted off like Usain Bolt. I struggled to keep up with him, in my imagination of course, I wasn’t going out in that rain! All three cats cheered as we turned the final corner. I just edged him at the finish line (the third rock from the left) to maintain my wetlands championship. He sulked away, desperate to find somewhere to hide his head. You can witness the start of the race on the video.

I travelled 205 kms during my training this past week. The pool is still closed so that sucks, but it got me into the open water a few times.

See you at the finish line…..

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