Grad School

grad-schoolBrittany has been diligently researching grad schools for the past number of months. Personally, I think her goal is to become a full time student, forever. Who can blame her really, life was good when you didn’t have to work. She has plans to apply to a handful here in Ontario but also has her eyes set on some of the better ones overseas as well. Robert Gordon (in Aberdeen) seems to be a favourite at this point. That would be a neat twist of fate being that my mother was born there some 45 years ago (yes she had me and my brother extremely young).

Cork-IrelandThe “girls” also booked a trip to Ireland for the end of August. It should be a good mother daughter trip. I will be at home feeding the cats. Is there something wrong with this picture?

I do have a couple of camping weekends planning throughout the summer. One of them at Charleston lake and the other a “hike in” lot at Frontenac Provincial Park. It should be interesting as I haven’t camped in many years. I am hoping the bears are well fed prior to my arrival.

This past week my training plan was a recovery week. As a result I only covered a distance of 100kms while training. I did do a 5k time trial as part of the program and managed a 25:58 time, not great but not bad either.

See you at the finish line…..

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