Fathers Day in Nantucket

IMG_5308As I sit here looking out a window on the cobblestone streets of Nantucket I reflect on it being Father’s Day. Every father is good of course, but mine was the best! I remember all of those trips to the soccer practices and games back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. He was always there for me and my brother as he cheered us on at our sporting events. He always did so in a quiet way, that is just the way he is. I remember vividly watching him run around the track in Toronto growing up wearing a garbage bag while trying to lose weight. I guess no one is perfect right? He is a thinker, a watcher if you will. He likes nothing better then to sit in a public place and watch the world go by. We make fun of him but I realize day by day that I am more and more like him, so I might have to stop teasing him! My children are already seeing the resemblance. Having such a good father that was always there for me throughout childhood and my later years created a model for me on what it takes to be a father. Hopefully I am doing half the job that he did, if so Brittany and Brandon will turn out just fine. I don’t say it enough, but I love you Dad, have a great Fathers Day.

IMG_4143This past week I have been on a mini vacation in Nantucket with Jackie. It is our first trip to the island and it has been a lot of fun. We are now getting the lay of the land and it has so much to offer. For starters the downtown core is very quaint and trendy. Lots of upscale shopping, of which we couldn’t afford. We were looking for some art at one point and found a nice boat picture that we both agreed on. The price was $36,000, we moved on to the ice cream shop and savoured the $5 cone instead. The food is great here! Every restaurant has awesome seafood as you would expect. Our primary reason for choosing Nantucket was the book festival that is occurring this weekend. We have sat through multiple author talks that have been very interesting. Jackie got to meet many of her favs and got many memorable pictures with them. We also sat through a talk with Scott Turow, best known for his book and movie Presumed Innocent. He was surprisingly good!

IMG_4156Being on an island we are surrounded by beaches and lighthouses. We visited many beaches, both on the ocean side of the island and the Nantucket Sound shore. The “kids” would have loved the ocean waves, they were rather large at times. We sat in chairs provided by the hotel and read while listening to the waves.

My training fell off a bit this week as I didn’t bring my bike with us. I did get to run multiple times on the bike paths that are all over the island. It is an awesome spot for training, I will know that the next time we return, I will definitely bring my bike. I also found a coffee shop dedicated to cyclists, very cool. It is called the Handlebar Cafe! It was a great place to sit in the morning and get caught up on the local news. I travelled 67 kms this week during my training.

I added a few extra pictures below this week!

See you at the finish line…..

Cafe chalk art!

Cafe chalk art!

Having a coffee at the HandleBar Cafe!

Having a coffee at the HandleBar Cafe!

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