Race Report – Sydenham Triathlon

B & MIt was another early weekend morning for me and the support crew as we headed up to Sydenham for my second triathlon of the year. This year there was no rain, but it was hot, like oven hot. I was there in plenty of time, as usual, and got myself set up in transition and ready to go. It was strange to have Brittany helping me rather than the other way around. It is a real bummer that she is still having issues with her wrist and is missing races this year. The good news is I had two support crew instead of the faithful one! Jackie got to take awesome pictures while Brittany was spotted along the course at various points to cheer me on.

swimThe swim went very well for me. My last triathlon in Sydenham I thought I was going to drown during the swim so anything would have been better than that experience. That being said I swam the 500m open water course in 11:59. I made the long run up the hill and across the sharp rocks to the transition zone and headed out on the bike.

bikeThis course has a significant climb right from the start. My heart rate was pegged until I crested the hill and was able to settle into my aero position on the bike. I must say I talk extra pride in passing the 20 and 30 year olds on the bike all the while knowing they will likely catch me somewhere on the run. I had a good bike segment with a time of 37:40 over the 20km course. Yes, that is an average speed of over 31 km/h, gotta like it.

runWhen I jumped off the bike and headed into transition the heat instantly hit me. On the bike you know it is hot and all but once you stop moving the furnace turns up another 100 degrees. It was a slow transition for me as I took a couple extra drinks and fumbled with my iPod a bit. The first couple of kilometres on the run hurt, it was going to be a long tough run. I got a bit of shade finally and settled into a rhythm. At the 1/2 way point I poured some ice water under my hat, talk about relief! My run was a 28:50 not even close to my best but you do what you can in the conditions you are given.

Add in the transition times and overall I was 33rd out of 92 total competitors. I just missed the podium in my age group, I came in fourth. Time to start planning for the next race!post

See you at the finish line……

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