The Tale of the Trail

I have come to enjoy trail running this year. There are many options in our area and I have mostly stayed on the K&P trail for my runs. It provides a bit of shade and I don’t have to dodge the cars out on the busy streets. That is the one thing I am not enjoying about Kingston is the difficulty I have getting some wide open spaces to ride and run. It continues to be a struggle.

mosquito-biteLast night Brittany suggested that I run with her early this morning before the heat of the day. She had a nice route that included some trails that she wanted to show me. This could be good or this could be bad. It usually means she runs the shit out of me and I requires days of rest to recuperate. I was up early and biked for an hour first and then we stepped out the door. The heat was oppressive right from the start. She usually takes it easy on me to start but before I know it we are going faster than my normal pace. We went through a couple of sections of trail and then we reached the part with the hills and roots. One minute I was upright, the next I was on my face in the dirt. I had tripped over god knows what and went straight down. I braced the fall using my left hand as I was gripping a GU in my right hand and I didn’t want to lose it. She stopped and laugh at me of course while I mentally scanned my body to ensure I still had all of my limbs. My organs had been pushed up into my ribcage, I might find them again some day. Sensing my pending death the mosquitoes communicated telepathically and swarmed down upon me. I was about to give in when I remembered I still had about 6k left to run so up I got.

MuddSweatTearsLogoWe finished the run without further incident. I was covered in mud and sweat and looked rather foolish, but I made it through. Of course Brittany looked like she was ready for a second loop. She keeps me young.

I am sure I will be very sore tomorrow, my wrist is already a bit bruised. This past week I travelled 215 kms during my training. It was a big week for mileage. Finally, the weather cooperated!

See you at the finish line…..

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