Business As Usual.

Education fund -- Graduation cap & coins.Life in the McEachern house has been busy as usual. Brittany continues to work multiple jobs saving up money for grad school. Brandon is getting plenty of hours at the grocery store also padding his University account for his upcoming 2nd year. In a month they will both be back in classes with their heads in their books (we hope).

The girls are getting excited for their upcoming trip to Ireland. The flights are booked and a few tours are already paid for in advance. It took some time to decide on a hotel but that is also in place. Brandon and I have the job of feeding the cats, and hosting the neighbourhood parties! Our planning is underway in secret.cork-ireland-1

My training has been up and down like a toilet seat at a fast food joint. I will have a few good days followed by a few bad. Luckily, today was a good one. I ran 10k, biked 30k, and then ran another 10k before heading inside to the air conditioning. My swim training has been more consistent as well. This week I travelled 198kms during my training sessions.

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