So Hot I’m Melting…

sweating-sun-300x211I complained all winter about the weather so I guess I should keep my mouth shut about the summer. Ok, that didn’t work. It is very hot out there! If you add in the humidity factor it is in the high 30s today. My clothes stick to me just sitting on the front porch! All that being said it was a heavy training weekend. Yesterday I completed a 96 km bike ride followed by a short run. This morning it all began with a short bike ride (28kms) followed by a 15 km run. I sweat so much that my socks were soaked at the end of the run. The sweat had actually ran down my legs into my socks! As you can imagine they smelled like roses in the wind.

sparksI began the morning a bit dehydrated. Our new neighbourhood is very social and as a result every Saturday night is “fire” night. One of the unsold lots has been setup with a fire pit and piles of wood. It has become a habit to to bring out lawn chairs out at 9pm and sit outside with a beverage in our hands until well after midnight. We are very fortunate to have good neighbours, everyone is so helpful. The cats sit on the back of the couch and watch us through the window, hoping we will bring home some food.

This past week I travelled 221 kms in total during my training. I am still uncertain if I will do an Ironman in September. I may just do a couple more short distance races in the fall.

See you at the finish line…

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